Candle Holder Flip Book

Straight Sided Votive Cup Clear

This basic votive candle holder is very popular and can be used just about anywhere. It works for elegant events as well as just decorating around the house. You can burn votives and tea light candles in this glass cup. It is 2 inches in diameter by 2.5 inches tall.

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Clear Optic Votive Holder

This clear optic votive cup is great for displaying our 10 hour votive candles or tea lights. Surrounding centerpieces with these votive holders looks really beautiful as well as scattering them around your home. You can decorate with this candle holder in churches, hotels, restaurants, at weddings or other events.

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Clear Votive Cup Oyster

This glass oyster cup votive holder is a perfect fit for our 10 hour votive candles or tea lights. These votive candle holders are one of the most popular accessories used as decorations at weddings and events. These inexpensive glass holders work as beautiful accents when combined with a 10 hour votive candle or tea light. Our cheap oyster cups are also popular with restaurants, hotels, and churches.

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Heavy Glass Taper and Pillar Holder Large

This heavy glass holder is designed to hold either a standard taper or pillar candle. When using a taper in these candle holders there is plenty of room to place a candle ring or other accents around the base. Pillar candles up to 4 inches in diameter will fit nicely on top of this holder. The glass is thick and heavy which adds to the stability of this piece so it will not easily be knocked over. Using this large glass holder will lift the candles above the able allowing you to place other decorative items below it. It will also add protection to your table surfaces from potential heat damage.

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Taper Candle Holder White Ceramic

This modern style ceramic candle holder is made to hold standard size tapers. The holder is perfect for use at weddings, in churches, and restaurants. The 2.5 inch wide base gives the taper holder good stability especially when shorter candles are used.

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Glass Pineapple Half Inch Taper Holder

This pineapple taper candle holder is for slims which are only 0.5 inches in diameter. Standard size tapers will NOT fit in this holder. The pineapple is supposed to be a symbol of hospitality.

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Siriana Candle Holder Iron 12 Inch

Using this 12.5 inch tall, slender candle holder is a beautiful way to display our pillar candles. We recommend putting a 3 inch diameter candle on this metal holder. The plate at the top is wide enough to place a 4 inch candle on but it will go right to the edge. The wide, curly legs add extra stability to the holder so it will not easily get knocked over. Surrounding the base of this holder with a floral candle ring or other accent will result in a beautiful centerpiece.

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Metal Candle Holders Looped Legs 7 Inch

Display your pillar candles on this 7 inch tall curvy style metal holder with a looped leg design. The shallow dish on top is wide enough to hold pillar candles up to 4 inches in diameter. This holder will work in any style of home and has a sturdy design.

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