Lamp Candle Warmer Aurora Pewter

This new pewter aurora lamp style of candle warmer heats your jar from the top, releasing fragrance into the air almost instantly. Traditional warmers would heat a jar candle from the bottom so you would have to wait until the liquid wax made it to the top of the container before the fragrance would spread around the room. The 25 watt NP 5 light bulb will heat the wax enough to create about 1 inch of liquid wax on the top of the jar. If, after a while, you do not feel you notice the fragrance as much as at first, pour the liquid wax off the top of the jar and let the warmer melt the next layer of wax. You might want to change out the jar to a different fragrance before doing that however. It is possible that you have just become accustom to the scent and need a change. This warmer will work on our 26 oz jar candles or smaller sizes. The frosted shade and one light bulb are included. The candle shown is sold separately.

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